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  • This is the most high time that a woman will have to ponder deeply about her vanishing existence. She must identify the causes of her diminishing position in the society.

  • Everywhere, so many social bindings and prejudices have made the life of woman a hell. The only way out to overcome these circumstances is that she should possess a strong will and strength, followed by action.

  • The woman of today has no way out except to revolt against the prevailing social traditions and taboos which have proved a hindrance in her progress. To demand equal voice is the need of the hour.

  • It is beyond doubt that revolutions lead to recognition because it is the process of struggle itself which gives rise to personality. Struggle will help the woman in the restoration of her lost pride.

  • Finally, the woman is expected to contribute for the reconstruction of the society which is ridden with evils. As she is endowed with the power of creation and transformation, she should work for shaping a new destiny.

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